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The Boot Dryer Wind combines the functions of a boot rack and a dryer. The construction of the device consists of a frame, columns, control box and 11 shelves. The height of the shelves is adjustable, which enables adapting distances between them to the height of the boots stored. Nine out of the eleven shelves have a built-in heating system comprising a heater and a fan. The fan injects air into the boots placed on the shelf below through small holes. The electrical system of the dryer is divided into three segments and it is made of high-quality components designed for continuous operation. All functions of the dryer are controlled using a touchscreen. Using a few buttons you can set the operating mode of each segment, its air temperature and drying times.


Length Capacity Height Width
[mm] [pairs of boots] [mm] [mm]
1500 54 2420 500
1800 65 2420 500
2000 76 2420 500
2400 87 2420 500
3000 109 2420 500
4000 152 2420 500
Power consumption* Voltage
480/4980 230/3x400

*without heating / with heating


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