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The Unit is a device designed to disinfect boots and ice-skates. It is a basic equipment for every winter sports rental shop. The device’s construction is solid and stable and therefore it can stand directly on the floor. It consists of two arms ended with an atomizer and a button that releases the disinfectant liquid. The process of disinfection begins by placing the boots on the arms and pressing them in order to activate the buttons situated on the end of the arms. This causes a direct injection of disinfectant liquid into the boots that should last a couple of seconds to guarantee an effective removal of fungus, bacteria and viruses. We recommend using proven effective scented disinfectant liquids (also available in our offer).   


Depth Capacity Height Width
[mm] [pairs of boots] [mm] [mm]
540 1 900 380
Power Voltage
[W] [V]
210 230


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Simple and very convenient.

Direct injection of the disinfectant liquid

Goes right inside of the gear.

Basic equipment

Every ski shop or depot needs one.

Attractive price

Fitting all company sizes.

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