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CLIQ 1 Pair Wall Ski Holder

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Introducing the CliQ wall holder, a versatile and user-friendly accessory designed for individual, organized storage of one pair of skis. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional skier, this innovative product offers a convenient and secure solution for storing your skis. The CliQ wall holder has been recognized and awarded the prestigious ISPO Award Winner 2019 by international sports industry experts.

At the heart of the CliQ wall holder is its unique mechanism for holding skis, aptly named CliQ. This mechanism consists of a two-piece steel holder for wall mounting. Installation is straightforward, using either two dowels or screws depending on the type of wall material and construction. The product stands out for its exceptional functionality, ease of use, and secure and safe grip on the skis. It accommodates skis of different widths, lengths, and categories, allowing you to store your equipment with confidence. Additionally, the CliQ wall holder’s striking design adds a touch of presentation to your stored skis.

The patented mechanism of the CliQ handle sets it apart, enabling you to intuitively and quickly insert your skis using just one hand. This feature provides both comfort and secure storage, ensuring that your skis are easily accessible whenever you need them.

The CliQ holder is suitable for Race and All-Mountain skis up to 90mm in width under the boot. This versatility allows you to store a wide range of ski types and sizes with ease.

To suit your personal preference or complement your interior, the arms of the holder are available in two colors: blue and grey.

Experience the convenience and practicality of the CliQ wall holder, an award-winning solution for the organized storage of your skis. With its intuitive design, secure grip, and compatibility with various ski types, the CliQ wall holder is a valuable accessory for residential and sports facilities alike. Store your skis with confidence, knowing they are easily accessible, well-protected, and presented beautifully with the CliQ wall holder.